Incoming Ph.D. Student At HKU

The University of Hong Kong


Juntao is an incoming Ph.D. student of the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at The University of Hong Kong. He first published his blockchain-related paper at the ACM-BSCI. And previously his research interests fully focus on the machine learning system including the quantization and HPC + AI.

He loves game and game development. He used to join in various game development festivals and competitions. One of the game demo. He also grasp the knowledge of the VAR game development.

Academic Score of CUHK(SZ)

  • First Class Honour.
  • Cumulative GPA(cGPA) 3.701/4.00. Major GPA(mGPA) 3.804/4.000
  • Ranking 7/128 (mgpa 6/128)
  • Quantization
  • AI + HPC
  • Blockchain, Cryptoeconomy
  • Game
  • PhD in Machine Learning System, 2021

    The University of Hong Kong

  • BSc in Computer Science And Technology, 2017-2021

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen


Coding Skill

Javascript, Python, MATLAB, C/C++, JAVA, R, SQL

HCI Related Skills

Web Design/Development (React/Vue), Game Design & Development(Unity, C3)


Game Design, Sketch, Hosting


Research Assitant
Jun 2021 – Aug 2021 HongKong
Working on reducing the cost of the AI quantization system.
NGNE Exchange Program
Jan 2021 – May 2021 Singapore

In coming exchange in nus. Projects / Courses includes:

  • Computer Security
  • Interaction Design for Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Graduation Design(AI + HPC) Supervised By Yang You.
Front-End Developer
Sep 2020 – Nov 2020 Shenzhen

Responsible for four different project’s frontend development. Specific work includes

  • Designed and implemented a new overview page for the vulnerability scanning service
  • Implemented an manager page for data aggregation and operation
  • Designed various buttons to simplify the searching process
Summer Exchange
Jul 2019 – Nov 2019 HongKong

Summer Exchange at CUHK, HongKong.

  • Chinese Medicine (A-). Learned some basic idea and process of the Chinese Medicine.
Research Assistant
Sep 2018 – Dec 2020 Shenzhen

Focusing on the studying of the financial modeling and implementation of the blockchain application. Includes:

  • Blockchain related application
  • On-Chain financial modeling
Computer And Comity(C@C), CUHKSZ
Sep 2018 – Jun 2019 Shenzhen

President of school association Computer and Comity.

  • Contributes to the establishment of the SchoolOJ
  • Arrange and hold contest on it
Full-Stack Intern
Jun 2018 – Aug 2018 Shenzhen

Lead the development for the wechat miniapp CUHKSZHEATMAP. The product was a huge success, which earned numerous users in the first few weeks and was widely reported by media. Media:

Jun 2018 – Present Shenzhen

Polaris studio is a mini developer studio that is composed of students in the CUHK(SZ) and aiming to provide the technical support for the campus association and other company. Link Product:

  • iFound
  • polaris_hub (pypi)
  • Renter (wechat mini app)
Research Assistant
Dec 2017 – Nov 2018 Shenzhen

Focusing on study of cooperation between UGV and UAV for the unmanned vehicle. Includes:

  • Assembled model cars and test drone. Constructed real-time car-drone signal telecommunication with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Implemented heuristic, CVX, and PID control route planning methods algorithm
  • Improved the accuracy by dealing distortion with snapshot combination and matrix projection
  • Proposed dynamic signal power adaptation by adding battery volume sensor and power-adaption algorithm


Whole Person Development Star - Silver price
Second Price that shows a full development of student at different spheres, such as academic, activity participation, leadership and etc.
See certificate
National Mathematical Contest In Modeling of China(National Stage)
National second Class Price
See certificate
National Mathematical Contest In Modeling of China(Province Stage)
Province First Class Price
See certificate
National Mathematical Contest In Modeling
H honour for MCM
See certificate
Global Game Jam
The 24 Hour Game Development Competetion
See certificate
C-Class Scholarship
See certificate
Dean List
Dean List.
See certificate
National College Wechat Miniapp Development Competition
Developed a lost&Found App and got the Second-Price.
See certificate

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